Biomutant- How To Collect Water Mount Googlide, And Change Mount

BiomutantIn Biomutant, when you visit a village where the memory flashback takes him back to the younger version of himself. A seal named Goop teaches you how to swim by throwing you into the pond. At expense of your KI energy, you can float until all your KI energy is exhausted. There are various islands that require you to cross a vast river and swimming might not be safe. How to cross across the river? Well, there is a solution and for that, you will need to meet a familiar guy who will ask to do some task in order to build something for you.

How To Collect Water Mount To Ride In Water At Biomutant

We should be familiar with Bricktown as it was the first area where we have searched the Superb Loot and found the Old World Gadget. Tracking and following the Main quest we climbed up the steep to “Meet The War Party”. As shown in the image below, walk East of Bricktown where you will meet your long-lost swimming master Goop at Subnautica Station.

BiomutantYou will have to run some errands and after helping him collect whatever he needs, he will gift you Googlide which is a mount that can be used in water to travel around. The controls are normal and it is quite helpful to explore water bodies where new Areas and missions can be discovered. The Googlide can be upgraded if you collect the Googlide Wrekbox to unlock more customization parts. To ride on hard green water, you will need Lvl 2 Engine.

How To Change Mount At Biomutant

Whereas on the land, you can interact with the animals to feed them Pip which is found nearby to that location. Once you feed the animal which you choose to tame and the mount will stay loyal to you forever that can be accessed via Menu>Transport and select whichever Land Mount you prefer. However, if you find another breed of animal that can be mounted, follow the same procedure and feed him Pip to tame and change the mount. Now if you call mount on the land, the new animal mount which you have fed will come running to serve you. Remember that Mounts can be spawned when called in an appropriate location such as Mekton cannot spawn on land rather spawn on Deadzone.

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