Biomutant All Googlide Wrekbox Location How To Get Them Easily


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. To fully upgrade your googlide and get the rare equipment to upgrade it you need to find all the Googlide Wrekboxes. These wrekboxes are scattered all over the map whose location will be revealed to you but few of these are hard to obtain. Below you will find tips to obtain these wrekboxes.

Biomutant Googlide All Wrekbox Locations

Googlide can be upgraded by finding the wrekboxes and inspecting them. There is a total of 9 boxes that you need to collect and obtain in order to fully upgrade your googlide.

In the beginning, googlide can’t be used on all the water bodies, you need to modify it and equip the level 2 engine to travel on the radioactive water. The level 2 engine can be found on the 2nd Wrekbox.

Before fighting the porky puff it will better if you fully upgrade the googlide because you will be using it all the time while fighting the maneater. To find the locations of the Googlide Wrekboxes you need to select them from the side quests and the location will be revealed to you. There won’t be much trouble in finding these boxes except a few of them.

One of the boxes will be in the radioactive zone while the other one in the cold zone. You can directly rush towards these boxes to collect them quickly and leave the area. Else you can use the radioactive or cold suits in these areas to easily collect the boxes.

The 8th Googlide Wrekbox will near a cliff blocked by a rock wall. You need to summon a special mount called Mjut and ride it, then go near the rock wall and you will get an option to use your hook to break it. Once the rock is broken it you can easily collect the 8th Wrekbox.

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