Biomutant Mekton guide get it early game, max upgrade & how to spawn


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. Mekton is one of the transport that you need to in order to explore the deadzone in this game. Below you will find all the details about this transport and how to max upgrade it.

Biomutant How To Get Mekton

To get Mekton early game, you need to visit the chugyard that is near Bricktown. Once you reach the chugyard defeat the Bompa Bonker, then defuse the sprocket. The sprocket will then launch into the air and crash into the wall of the chugyard opening a path to the underground where you will meet Gizmo.

Gizmo will ask you to visit the deadzone to fetch a Mekton part. After fetching the part and bringing it back to Gizmo you will now have access to Mekton and can easily roam in the deadzone area. The deadzone is the oxygen-deprived area and if you stay for long you will suffocate and die.

Biomutant How To Max Upgrade Mekton

To max upgrade your Mekton you need to find the Mekton Wrekbox. Mekton Wrekbox is a sidequest available to you once you collect the first box in the deadzone. There is a total of 14 boxes out there in the world that you need to find and open.

These box locations will be shown to you on the map. You just need to visit the area and interact with the box to obtain the parts inside it. While most of these boxes will be in the open, some of these boxes are a bit hard to obtain.

The 8th Mekton Wrekbox will be located underground you don’t have to visit the biohazard plant for that. You need to visit the deadzone and from there you will find a cave and inside the cave, you can find the Wrekbox. Beware of the Tincan Tougho and the sentries, if you are unable to defeat them you can reach the end of the cave near the box and they will stop attacking you.

The 9th Mekton Wrekbox is located in the biohazard area. If your character has max resistance to biohazard then it might be easy for you to obtain it. Else you need to just run to the box and quickly open it and leave the area. Else you can try to obtain the biohazard suit by completing the “The Bioharazard PingDish” side quest.

After collecting all the boxes open the Mekton customization menu and choose all the gear that is marked in golden at the end. Gizmo will also tell you to max upgrade your Mekton before you go and fight with the first worldeater “Jumbo Puff”.

Biomutant How To Summon Mekton

Mekton can only be summoned in the deadzone as far I know in the game. If you try to summon Mekton on a different area it will not be spawned. To spawn your Mekton you need to press the Down D-pad button on the controller or the “4” button on the keyboard and then select the Mekton.

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