Biomutant- How To Get Light Aura And Dark Aura Fast And Easily

BiomutantIn Biomutant, the mutation leads to various new abilities and structures of the characters. The world is in chaos and you are gaining your memories in fragments. The path where you will have to choose and decide the fate of others will let you gain the Light Aura and Dark Aura respectively. The Aura is important as it is required to unlock certain skills of your character. In this post, we have mentioned where and how you can get the Aura and with minimum effort.

How To Get Light Aura And Dark Aura Fast And Easily In Biomutant

Psi-Powers can be obtained by using Psi-Points but there is a missing requirement in order to unlock it first and i.e. Light Aura or Dark Aura. The Light Aura and Dark Aura were mentioned at the beginning of the game which we know it depends on your choices in dialogue or saving captives, talking to strangers, and deciding their fate.

The choices which will lead them to their death or execution will let you gain Dark Aura and the opposite to it like being considerate of their freedom or helping them will gain you Light Aura. Waiting for these opportunities while roaming the vast map and thinking about obtaining 30 Light Aura and 30 Dark Aura to unlock the ultimate Psi-Powers such as KI SPARK and SKYSPARK by such a method is absolutely tiring.


However, there is a way in which we can gain the Aura at least faster than searching for these captives and helping them. There are few animals that can be caught by your ROD NET such as SQVIP’s i.e. Orange Raccoon and other harmless animals hopping around. It is not yet confirmed by us as we missed the opportunity to catch the crow because we were unprepared and it was all of a sudden as shown in the image above. However, these Racoons were captured in the main quest called The Sqvip Grotto where after reaching the upper floor, you will have to catch 5 of these Raccoons. There would be more than 5 and after collecting the required raccoons, you will get the Impressive Gun that was placed in the case.


Collect the remaining extra Sqvip’s which will trigger a choice whether to Pet and Keep the creature or Kill the creature. Keeping the creature will let you gain a Light Aura whereas Killing will gain you Dark Aura. Everything is balanced, so there will be no such thing as getting max Light Aura or Dark Aura alone. Another fast way is to free the captured Civilians to decide their fate depending on whichever aura is needed. What we require to gain from this Aura is to unlock new Psi-Powers for the time being. This post will be updated when we find new creatures and other ways to gain the Aura fast. For more guides on Biomutant, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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