Biomutant- How To Farm Money Or Get It In The Open World

BiomutantIn Biomutant we have come across numerous enemies and defeated them with our Wung-Fu, though even after defeat they drop craftable materials or consumables. Other than that they drop nothing or something important. There is no trace of money in their pocket or body whereas in Shop it is required to purchase new items or materials via completing the transaction with money or leaf. So, where do we exactly get the money or is it limited to earn money by selling items? In this post, we have explained how to get money without selling and what is the best farming method in Biomutant.

How To Farm Money Or Get It In The Open World At Biomutant


In an open world, when you are traveling or running towards the tracked quest, there are few structures on the side of the road or on top of the mountain placed randomly. The items are obtained depending on the specific structures such as planks, metals, etc. Money or leaf is not different as to how it can be obtained, however, the structure is different and it can be easily noticed from the distance. The image above mentioned shows the structure from where you can earn money.

To collect money, jump between the ring and around 400- 1000 you will be awarded. We know that the amount is quite low as to how much the shopkeeper demands for good quality items. Rather than relying on collecting money this way, you can sell items that have no use or kept them in your Inventory as Junk. By selling the items and gears, you will earn a lot more than as you can gain by searching for these wooden structures. It is just another way you can gain while wandering around, better to collect something rather than nothing.

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