Biomutant How To Craft Gun, Wield Double Gun & Get Scraps


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. Crafting is one of the most important features of this game. There are various kinds of weapons with different stats that you can craft. You can also wield dual light guns in both hands once you have crafted a new gun. To craft these guns you will need resources. Below you can find all the details on where to find resources and how to craft a new gun.

Biomutant How To Get Scrap

There are 5 types of scraps you will need to craft any types of weapons. These scrapes are:

  • Klink
  • Plank
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • E-Waste

These scraps can be obtained by killing other mutated enemies. There are various scraps totems scattered around the world that you need to break in order to obtain them. You can also recycle the old items that you don’t need or use to obtain scraps. To get scraps from the old items you need to visit your inventory and select the item that you need to trash in order to get the scrap and at the bottom of the page, you will find the amount of scrap you will get from the item.

Biomutant How To Craft Gun

You can craft guns by going into the crafting menu and selecting any one of the hand. If you are in playing on the keyboard then you need to press “E” to switch from melee weapons to ranged weapons. If you are playing from the controller you need to press the “RB” button.

Once you are in the range guns crafting menu, you need to select craft new range weapons. To craft a new gun you need four types of parts. You need a base, grip, muzzle, and top mod. Adding a magazine to your gun is optional, you can craft a gun without a magazine too. The magazine adds the number of bullets you can shoot before reloading.

If you do not have these four parts, you can visit a pew pew broker in any outpost and buy these parts from him. Once you have all the parts and the required resources, you will be able to craft a new gun.

Biomutant How To Wield Double Gun

To wield dual guns, you need to visit your Wung-fu page in the character menu. On the Wung-fu page, you need to select ranged combats then double wield guns. There you will find an upgrade called “Two-faced cobra grip”. Unlock that upgrade then open the ranged gun weapons by pressing the D-pad from the controller or “2” on the keyboard and equip two guns.

You can also visit the gear page, then select off-hand and the main hand then switch to ranged weapons and equip both the guns to use them.  You can only wield light guns on both hands. If you are using a rifle you won’t be able to equip two guns at the same time.

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