Biomutant- Bricktown Superb Loots And All Loots Location

BiomutantIn Biomutant, once you have obtained the Klonkfist after the memory flashback, the subway will lead you out to Bricktown. Bricktown is a deserted area where few loots have placed that need to be found which will be used by your own character to increase the base stats. In this post, we have mentioned all the Bricktown Loots including Superb Loots that is needed to be searched in order to complete the area’s objective.

Bricktown Superb Loots And All Loots Location In Biomutant

At Bricktown, the area objectives involve that you will need to search and find the respective items that have been mentioned in the vicinity.

  • Superb Loot: 1
  • Old World Gadget: 3

The 3 Old World Gadgets are as follows:


The first world gadget to say is the Flush Toilet Rotation Puzzle Challenge. The drops are random so it is not necessary that all players will get the same item. Taking the Noticeboard as the reference point, you will need to go to the other side of the subway staircase and climb up the stairs. The house near the tree as shown in the image above will be the location to where you find the gadget.

Superb Loots

The second world gadget is the Microwave Rotation Puzzle Challenge which is found on the top floor. The location showed in the image above will be the location to where you will find the gadget.

The third-world gadget is located at another end of the subway. Climb down the stairs and as shown in the image at the end of the path, the house where dry cleaners will be kept will the final or say first world gadget.


The Superb Loot is located at the same house where you did the Microwave Rotation Puzzle. However, the location is not quite revealed as to how other loots are revealed, so players tend to miss the Superb Loot. After descending the floor, the Superb Loot was placed behind the desk as shown in the image above.

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