Biomutant Boomhut Destroy, Klonk The Wall & Third Moth Nest Break Wall


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. Capturing the rival’s outpost will help you gain your tribe’s armor and weapons. You need to capture two rival outposts at the beginning of the game and only after that you can visit the rival fort and talk to their Shifu. Below you will find the guide on how to capture both the rival’s outpost.

Biomutant Destroy The Boomhut

the bang boomhut

While capturing the first rival outpost, you will come across various enemies. One such enemy is the boomhut who keeps on throwing bombs on you. If you keep shooting the boomhut it will have no effect on it. You need to equip a melee weapon and correctly time it to shoot back the bombs. You need to press the attack button “X” on the controller or “Right mouse button” on keyboard just before the bomb going to hits you to reflect it back and

Biomutant Klonk The Wall How To Break It

At beginning of the game, you will receive a gloves weapon called Klonk fist that can also be used to break the wall. You need to equip the fist and charge up the weapon by holding the attack button and then release it to give a devastating blow that can break the walls.

Make sure not to sell this weapon as it will be required later on in the game to destroy walls and complete quests. If you have sold it by mistake, you need to visit the same vendor to whom you sold it and can buy it back at a higher price.

Third Moth Nest Break The Wall

While capturing the second outpost, you won’t have to fight with the rival clan. Rather your tribe will use the moths to scare them away. For this to happen you need to break three moth nests. The first two nests will be easy to locate and destroy.

The third nest will be behind a wall that you need to break. You need to equip your Klonk fist and use it to break the wall. You can charge up your klonk fist by pressing and holding the attack button. Once it is fully charged, hit the wall to break it.

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