Biomutant- Automaton Functions In Mirage Quest To Unlock All Upgrades

BiomutantIn Biomutant, Automaton is your companion who follows you in every turn and danger from the beginning. The memory flashback has shown that you have tamed Automaton and it is hardwired to his DNA. He will follow and see whatever you see in all instances. However, when we open the menu and select the Inventory Menu, you will come across Automaton where you will find its abilities. There are a total of 5 Abilities of which 4 are locked. In this post, we have specially compiled all about Automaton and how to unlock all of its abilities.

Automaton Functions In Mirage Quest To Unlock All Upgrades In Biomutant

While exploring and unlocking all the waypoints, there are a total of the specific location where a giant Bear spawns which triggers a side quest known as Mirage. You will need to approach the giant bear and it will trigger a new main quest flashbacked where you will have to fight against the disciples. All Mirage locations are mentioned below:

Mirage First Location


Mirage Second Location


Mirage Third Location


Mirage Fourth Location


After completing the Flashbacks, you will be offered to choose any of the automaton functions as a reward to unlock. The functions or rewards were:

  • Unlock the Health injector: Activates the Automaton’s heal function in the consumable favorites radial wheel.
  • Unlock the Power-Up: Activates the Automaton’s Boost function in the consumable radial wheel to boost your damage output. It can be used again after a set amount of time.
  • Unlock the Airglider: Activates the Automaton’s Glider wings when you jump off from a high elevation and holding the jump button in the air. You will control it when flying by using the navigation controls. Pithing it down will increase the speed.
  • Unlock the Pew-pew pang: Automaton’s turret function is automatically activated whenever enemies are around and will aid you in combat.

Initially, you will have to choose any one of these functions to be unlocked, and completing all Mirage quests will allow you to unlock all 4 of these functions. Refer to the image above to complete the Mirage quest as early as possible to avail all the features. For more guides on Biomutant, click on theĀ  link that has been mentioned below the description:

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