Biomutant All Rotation Puzzle Guide How To Solve Them Easily


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. Rotation puzzles are scattered everywhere in the Biomutant world. Some of these puzzles will grant you rewards while others might open a new path for you to travel and explore. We will keep updating all the puzzles while exploring the world and encountering new puzzles.

Biomutant Rotation Puzzzle Solution

At the beginning of the game, while escaping the bunker, you will come across a door that is locked. You need to interact with the reel projector and complete the rotation puzzle to unlock the door. Once you complete the puzzle a small slide show will be shown how the world has been mutated and the door will be unlocked.

All The Sqvips/ Pew Pew Locker Puzzle

While doing the main quest catching Sqvips you need to break a pew pew locker to obtain the ultimate gun. After that, you need to interact with a rotation puzzle to activate an elevator. The solution to the puzzle can be found in the above image.

Find The Flush Tools Puzzle

You can solve this easily by matching the color of the light shown in the image. You can rotate each node to match the color on both sides. As you can see in the above image, the top valve golden line matched with golden dots, and the bottom valve white line is matched with the white dots. The middle valve is aligned in a way that the white line faces the top white line, while the golden line faces the bottom valve golden line.

Find The Cloth Soakers Puzzle

While exploring Bricktown you will come across one of the washing machines that will unlock a new side quest in the game called cloth soakers puzzle. This is one of the rotation puzzles that you need to solve to obtain items as rewards.

You need to match the color of the washing machine nodes by rotating them to complete the puzzle. Both the ends of the machine has the golden line, so you need to make sure the triangle node facing these line should be gold. Once you set both end nodes, you will be left with two middle nodes. You need to rotate these nodes as shown in the image above to match the color on both ends and the puzzle will be completed.

All Microwave Puzzle Solution

BiomutantMicrowave puzzle is a little bit out of standard puzzle but the mechanic is quite similar to others. You will need to rotate the knob or regulator to match the color which will be given in the puzzle. In this case, the top was white and the bottom was White which forms a straight line. However, the trickier part was the right side which was yellow alone and that was it. In this case, simply match the color and don’t think much, once you get the hang of these puzzles it will become easy. You can track the side quest via Journal and collect all the Microwaves reward.

Mapping Out The Mindmonitor Rotation Puzzle

While doing the side quest to find the mindmonitor, you will come to an abandoned room where you will find an elevator. To activate the elevator you will need to complete the rotation puzzle.

Note: More flush tool puzzles and cloth soakers puzzles will be added soon.

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