Biomutant Jagni Or Myriad Which Side To Choose Dark Or Light


Biomutant is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Experiment 101. In this game where the world has been polluted and mutated by Toxanol Corporation, you need to save it by helping tribes defeating the worldeaters, and saving the world tree. Else you can vanquish all the tribes and let worldeaters destroy the tree of life to cleanse the world to restore it once again.

Biomutant Which Path To Select Left Or Right

At the beginning of the game, you will be given two paths to select from. One of them leads to the dark side while the other one leads to the light. It won’t matter much which path you take except you will be getting +1 Aura of whatever side you choose. The Left side will fetch you a +1 dark aura while the right side will fetch you a +1 light aura. If you have taken a path and later want to change it, you can do so before choosing a side with Jagni Or Myriad.

Aura is your inner balance that will change gradually in-game while you interact with other NPC. The choices you make will affect the outcome of the Aura you will get. Psi-powers are unlocked using Psi points that can be obtained from shrines or by making correct choices while interacting with NPC. There are various kinds of power to be unlocked but to unlock them you need to have certain aura points. You will need both the Light and Dark aura to unlock all the Psi-powers.

Biomutant Jagni Or Myraid

Out-of-date will tell you there are two tribes nearby and you need to choose one of them. He will tell you Jagni tribe should be your primary choice but you are free to choose whatever you want as the destiny arrives all the same.

Choosing the Jagni tribe will grant you more dark auras which will unlock the dark side Psi-power faster, while Myriad will grant your more light auras. Choosing the dark side doesn’t mean you have to make dark choices always. You will always have a gentle heart with kindness filled with it.  While siding with the dark tribe you can also make some good choices that will grant you light auras and vice versa.

Choosing the Jagni tribe will alter the ending as you need to destroy the world tree while choosing the Myriad tribe, you need to save the world tree. Once you choose a tribe at the beginning that won’t be permanent, you will be given one more chance to change your tribe by going to the rival Sifu and having a talk with him. Once you change side and betray the tribe you are previously in, they won’t be accepting you back.

Choosing a tribe will also grant you the tribe weapon and armor set. But you can also forcefully take the rival tribe’s armor and weapon by defeating their sifu in the battle. There won’t be much difference in whichever tribe you choose to except the ending and few interactions with the NPC. There are more tribes than just these two who are in alliance with each other, so after choosing a side you will make some enemies and friends with other tribes.

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