Knockout City All Types Of Special Ball & How To Use Them Properly

knockout city

Knockout City is an upcoming action sports game developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts. This is not just some normal dodgeball game you also get some special balls and each of them has its own ability. Below you will the list of these special balls. The game has just been released and more special balls might come aboard in upcoming updates.

Knockout City All Special Balls List

There are 5 different types of special balls available in this game. At the starting of the match, one special ball will be chosen randomly and will spawn on the map. Players can take advantage of these special balls to KO their opponent. These special balls are:

Sniper Ball – As the name suggests these balls lock into the enemy and goes at maximum speed. The travel rate of this ball is the fastest among all the others, players can also check the distance between them and opponent. The Sniper ball has the longest distance targeting than any other ball.

Moon Ball – While holding the ball the player can jump higher defying the gravity of the knockout city.

Cage Ball – Upon successful hit with this ball you can lock your enemy in a cage ball. You can then pick up the cage with the opponent inside and throw them at the opponent. The best way to score using cage ball is to use them on the opponent and when they are in cage form, pick them up and throw them outside the map.

Multi-Ball – Instead of one, you get to use three balls continuously. So players can easily take advantage to hit an opponent 2 times and get a KO.

Bomb Ball – Once picked up and thrown by you or your opponent the timer of the bomb kicks off. You can catch the bomb ball but need to throw quickly else it will blast in a radius dealing damage to everyone inside the area. You can also damage your teammates with bomb ball so use these carefully.

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