Knockout City Advance Guide, Tips On Catching, Dodging & Throwing Ball

knockout cityKnockout City is an upcoming action sports game developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts. If you are new to this game, some of the tips below can help you master the game easily. This game is not just about catching the ball and directly shooting at your opponent.

Knockout City Advance Guide & Tips

Catching the ball is not the only way of defense. Pro players can fake shot and then do a trick shot which might a bit hard to dodge. Some players can sneak behind you to hit you with a ball. You need to stay alert and you can dodge any ball just by dashing at the right time. If you can’t from where the ball is coming from checkout the border of your screen for a red warning and dash at the correct time.

If an opponent is throwing the ball straight at you without any trick, you can just directly dash forward and hit the ball with your head to stop the ball. Sometimes the players might trick you by throwing a slow ball and you might have missed the opportunity by pressing the catch button quickly, then you can use this dash ability to disable the ball.

Catching a dodgeball perfectly thrown by an enemy doesn’t require you to charge the ball. The ball will already be max charged and will go at full speed if you throw instantly. If you delay in throwing a perfectly caught ball, the power will deplete and you need to charge the ball again. Look out for the opponent who is aiming at your teammates you can sneak behind them and hit them with your dash to stun them and the ball will be dropped from their hand.

Passing the ball to your teammates also charges the ball and can be thrown instantly with great speed. So make sure you keep passing once in a while if your teammate is in a crunch situation. You can also block a dodgeball with a dodgeball if they both get collided midair.

Note: If you and your teammate are in a crunch situation and without any ball trying to dodge the opponent. You or your teammate can turn into a ball and can be thrown at the opponent to
KO them in a single shot.

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