Knockout City How To Throw Curve Ball, Lob Ball & Do Trick Shot

Knockout city

Knockout City is an upcoming action sports game developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The game is very much similar to dodge ball but with more action. There are different kinds of balls that give your player different stats. Look out for these special balls to easily KO your opponent and win matches.

You can’t win the game just by throwing balls randomly, you need to trick your opponent or catch them off guard with a trick shot.

Knockout City How To Perform A Trick Shot

There are two types of trick shot in this game available for you to perform. The first one is the Curve Ball while the other one is the Lob Ball. The Curve shot bends right or left in a curve and then hits your opponent while the Lob ball will curve upwards and hit them on the head.

You can do a flip or spin in the mid-air as a double jump. To flip in the air you need to jump and then press the “Q” button on your keyboard or the “Y” button on the controller. To spin, you need to jump and then press “E” on your keyboard or the “B” button on the controller. While doing a flip or spin in the mid-air you need to throw the ball at the opponent to perform a trick shot. If you shoot the ball while flipping it will be a lob shot, if you shoot while spinning it will be a curve shot. You can charge the ball fully before doing a flip or spin and then shoot the ball.

But even if you perform a trick shot you won’t be able to KO your opponent in one hit. For that, you have to perform an ultimate move with the help of your teammate. Check out our post on how to perform the ultimate move and do a fake shot.

Note: You don’t need to jump in order to do the trick shot, you can simply do a flip or spin without jumping. But with the jumping trick shot, you will have the high ground advantage that works better in some maps.

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