Knockout City How To Do Ultimate Move To KO Opponent In One Shot

Knockout City is an upcoming action sports game developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts. To prove yourself and be the best in the knockout city, you need to fight your opponent in a dodge ball match. The game mechanics seem similar to Splatoon or Ninjala instead of ink or swords, you will have dodgeballs.

You can customize your character with various cosmetics that can be unlocked by leveling up your profile. The game supports 3vs3 matches and also a 1vs1 knock-off.

Knockout City How To Perform Ultimate Ability

You cannot perform ultimate ability just by yourself, you need at least 1 teammate support to perform the act. The first step is to turn yourself into the ball or let your teammate turn into one. If you are playing from a computer, you can turn into a ball by pressing the “Left Alt” button. If you are in the controller press the “RB” button.

Once you are in the ball form, your teammates can pick up and do a charge shot. If they do a full charge you will turn into a bomb and will be launched into the air, you can press the WASD button to position yourself above the enemy and drop onto them. The location where you will drop will have area damage. If there are 3 enemies in that area, all will be knocked out and you will instantly get 3 points.

Similarly, if your teammates turn into balls, you can pick them up and throw them at the opponents. Remember to fully KO opponent in one shot will require you to charge up fully before throwing your teammate.

Note: If you are in the ball form make sure there are no opponents nearby else they can pick you up and you will be locked in the ball form. You need to continuously press the jump button to release from the grasp of your opponent.

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