Knockout City All Controls How To Fake Shot, Pass & Taunt Opponent

knockout city

Knockout City is an upcoming action sports game developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The game is based on dodgeball where you need to hit your opponent two times to KO him and score one point. But there are more to just shoot your opponent without any strategy. Below you will find all the controls to help you master the game by performing trick shots, fake shots, ultimate move or simply help your teammate by passing the ball.

Knockout City Fake Shot

The fake shot is one of the important features of dodgeball. To perform a fake throw you need to press “F” on the keyboard or “Right Analog” on your controller. You need to confuse your opponent else your shots can easily be blocked. If you are doing a fake shot your opponent will quickly react and will try to block the shot. You can then shoot your opponent and land a shot on them easily.

Even if they won’t be able to block, but they can still dodge your shot using the dash. You can perform a trick shot just after faking a shot. Check out our previous guide on how to perform a trick shot.

Knockout City All Controls

Controls – Keyboard – Controller

Move Forward – W – Left Analog Up

Move Backward – S – Left Analog Down

Move Left – A – Left Analog Left

Move Right – D – Left Analog Right

Move Camera – Mouse – Right Analog

Throw – Left Mouse Button – RT

Fake Throw – F – Press Right Analog

Pass – Press Mouse Scroll  – LB

Drop Ball – G – Left D-pad Button

Catch – Right Mouse Button – LT

Dodge – Left Ctrl – X

Ballform – Left Alt – RB

Sprint – Left Shift – Press Right Analog

Jump – Spacebar – A

Flip – Q – Y

Spin – E – B

Taunt – 1 – Up D-pad Button

Additional Emote – R – Down D-pad button

Push To Talk – X

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