Subnautica Below Zero Where To Find/ Obtain Diamond & Lithium

subnautica below zeroSubnautica Below Zero is an action-adventure survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Diamond and Lithium are some of the rare resources in the game. You need to dive deep underwater to obtain these resources. These resources are used to craft sea trucks and other vehicles. Below you will find the location to find these resources.

Subnautica Below Zero Diamond & Lithium Location

Diamonds are mostly found deep underwater mostly below 200m. To farm diamonds in this game you need to first obtain a high-capacity oxygen tank. You need to first reach the shallow twisty bridges, where you find a lot of big tentacles inside the sea, and as you keep going underwater the color of the water changes to deep blue.

To reach the shallow twisty bridges, you need to exit from your base station turn 20 degrees towards the right side. Then keep going straight for 300m and you will reach the shallow twisty bridge. Then keep going underground 200-300m and you will diamond deposit on the walls that you need to break in order to obtain them.

If you reach 350m underwater in deep twisty bridges you will find hydrothermal vents and at the roots of these vents, you will find Ore Vein. These ore veins are rich in resources and you can obtain a lot of resources from them. There will be a total of 4-5 of these Ore veins and you can collect diamond, Gold, and Lithium from them. Make sure to empty your backpack before if you planning to go that deep underwater. Sea truck won’t be able to go that deep underwater, once you reach 200m it will start taking damage. You can keep the sea truck at 150m-200m and go underwater. If your oxygen starts to deplete fast you can come back to the sea truck to refill the oxygen tank.

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