Subnautica Below Zero how to get enameled glass & alterra facilities map

subnautica below zeroSubnautica Below Zero is an action-adventure survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Enameled glass can be crafted from the fabricator using three different types of resources that help to upgrade your sea vehicles. Below you will find how to craft enameled glass and where to find the Alterra facilities map.

Subnautica Below Zero How To Craft Enameled Glass

Enameled Glass will be required at the starting of the game to upgrade your sea truck Mk1. You will need 1x plasteel Ingot and 2x enameled glass. To craft enameled glass the most important resource that you will need is diamond.

Finding diamond resources can be hard in this game at the beginning, you will need at least a high-capacity oxygen tank. To craft the high oxygen capacity tank you will need the blueprint first. Check out our previous guide on where to find the blueprint of high capacity O2 tank.

Lead can be easily found underwater 100m near shallow twisty bridges. Quartz can also be found easily that can be converted into glass using the fabricator. After collecting all the resources you will be able to craft enameled glass and upgrade your sea truck.

Note: Make sure to scan all the resources that you can find in this game. As scanning new resources unlock new items that can be crafted.

Subnautica Below Zero Alterra Facilities Map

To find the Alterra Facilities map you need to first visit the Delta Station that will be marked on the map as you keep progressing the game. Once you reach the delta outpost you will meet Marguerit Maida who will ask you to leave the station. Once she leaves you will be able to roam around the delta station and scan all the items and resources you can find freely.

Inside one of the rooms, you will find an Alterra map with some marking on it but doesn’t specify the lab names. You can find the name of these labs in the image above. Scan the map and it will be available in your databank that you can access anytime. Else you can also take a screenshot of the map and it will appear in your PDA.

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