Subnautica Below Zero Distress Call Signal Alien Facility Location

subnautica below zeroSubnautica Below Zero is an action-adventure survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. To find the complete truth about how the bacteria got out of the labs and spread across the planet killing everyone, you need to find out the architect called Alan and help him get his body back. The first mission to find Alan will be locating the distress call 200m underwater.

Subnautica Below Zero High Capacity O2 Tank Blueprint

Before you can go locate the distress signal from the underwater sea, you need to find a high-capacity O2 tank blueprint that will provide you 100+ oxygen level. Without the high capacity oxygen tank also you can locate the distress signal, but you need to keep collecting oxygen from the plants.

A high-capacity oxygen tank blueprint can be found on the way of the distress signal location. After exiting from your base, go a bit right till 45 degrees and keep going straight for 250-300m. Then go underwater 120m and you will find some cargo boxes. Check the above image for reference. There you will find the blueprint of the high-capacity oxygen tank.

To craft the high-capacity oxygen tank the resources required are a Standard oxygen tank, glass, titanium, and Silver Ore. You don’t need to craft a new standard oxygen tank. Remove the one you are already wearing to your inventory and you can easily craft the high-capacity tank. Glass can be made from Quartz from the fabricator.

Distress Signal Location

The distress signal has been sent out by the AI-An who is an architect who came many years ago on 4546B to find the cure for the Kharaa Bacterium. Although all the architect bodies have been destroyed their mind is been stored in the data hub.

To find the distress signal go to the location where you found the blueprint of the high-capacity oxygen tank. From there keep going forward by collecting the oxygen from the plants till you come across pillars with glowing green light. Keep following these pillars till you reach an Alien facility. There you will meet AI-An who was sending out the distress signal for help. The facility will be located in the deep twisty bridges 200m underwater.

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