Stranded Deep- Item Piles New Update v0.79 And How To Make A Pile

Stranded Deep

New Stranded Deep Update Experimental v0.79 is live and new features have been added to the game. The most interesting feature is that now we will be able to stack items and make piles to arrange them. It looks pretty organized now as before we would stack them in the Wood Container and eat up our space. One of the major effects is that it behaves like an obstacle, you cannot pass through piles as we would pass through the Wood Containers. In this post, we will go through all the item changes we found in the new update v0.79

Item Piles New Update v0.79 And How To Make A Pile At Stranded Deep

Now players can stack items and make a pile of them as mentioned earlier. The resources that can be organized are:

  • Clay Pile
  • Fibrous Leaves Pile
  • Lashing Pile
  • Palm Frond Pile
  • Rock Pile
  • Wood Log Pile
  • Wood Stick Pile

Apart from that other items, foods cannot be stacked and piled up together. To create an item pile, you will need to have them equipped in your hand and open the Crafting Menu to select the Item pile option. For example- holding a wood stick will allow you to craft Wood Stick Pile by selecting the option i.e. presented to you.

Another feature added is that once you create a pile of an item, you can look at the pile that you need an item from and bring up the Crafting option to start Crafting without transferring them to your hand or inventory. Similarly, if all different item piles are all placed together in your field of view, then you will be able to craft items that include such items. This simplifies and pretty much optimizes the crafting as we would not have to pick up items again to craft.

For more guides on Stranded Deep, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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