Subnautica Below Zero Where To Find, Obtain Gold & Silver Ore Location

subnautica below zeroSubnautica Below Zero is an action-adventure survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. This is the prequel of the game Subnautica where Robin heads over to planet 4546B to find out what happened to Sam. You need to survive alone in the freezing temperature by mostly staying underwater. To survive on this planet you need to collect resources and build yourself tools to dive deeper into the water. Few such important resources are Silver and gold.

Subnautica Below Zero Gold And Silver Ore Location

To find gold and silver ore you need to have at least enough oxygen to go 100 meters underwater. You need to go towards the left side of your base. As soon as you exit from the base go towards the left side from the door at least 450-500 meters. There you will find some emergency supply boxes and lots of big creepvine going deep underground. Check the image above for reference.

You need to find the roots of these creepvine that you can find 100 meters underwater. Once you find the roots, the environment will turn yellow, there you will find lots of Calaverite Outcrop and Argentite Outcrop.

By breaking these rocks you will find both gold and silver. You might get some other mineral-like titanium from these rocks too. But these are the only source of gold and silver ore at the beginning of the game. Gold is used to make computer chips whereas silver ore is used to make wiring kits. Check the images for reference on which type of rocks you need to find.

Gold and silver ore are the most important resource at the stating of the game because without these resources you won’t be able to craft the sea truck and dive deep underwater to find more blueprints and unveil the planet’s secrets.

Note: Do not forget to scan all the resources and plants before collecting them as you might unlock some blueprints by scanning different resources.

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