Subnautica Below Zero Coral Table Location How To Harvest/ Collect It

subnautica below zeroSubnautica Below Zero is an action-adventure survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. There are various resources in this game that you need to discover. It can be living organisms like fish and underwaterplants. Else it can also be resources, parts, and modules. You need to scan all these things to unlock various blueprints in your fabricator that you can craft. One such important resource used to make computer chip is the coral table. Below is the location of where you can find one.

Subnautica Below Zero Survival Knife

To obtain a coral table, you need to first craft a survival knife at the beginning of the game. Once you find titanium underwater, you need to scan it and the blueprint of the survival knife will appear in your fabricator.

To craft a survival knife, you need two types of resources called Titanium and Silicon rubber. Titanium can be found underwater by breaking different types of rocks called Limestone Outcrops, Argentite Outcrops, Calaverite Outcrops, and Galena Outcrops.

To obtain silicon rubber you need to find a creepvine with seeds intact with it. The seeds can be found in the middle of the creepvine. You can easily spot these seeds as they will be glowing red and can be picked directly by hand. Once you get all the materials head back to your base and use the fabricator to craft the survival knife.

Subnautica Below Coral Table Location

As you exit the base through the door, keep going straight for 200m-250m. Then go underwater till 100m and you will find the coral table. You can notice the color of the water changing to deep blue and you will be able to go deep 250-300m underwater. But you don’t have to go that deep to find the coral table.

At 100m underwater you can find these coral tables and can be harvested by using the survival knife. You can equip the knife and hit the coral table to harvest it. The coral table is used to make a computer chip that will be needed later in the game to craft underwater vehicles.

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