Resident Evil Village- All Goat Locations Collectible Walkthrough

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village demo was launched where a small part you play is when you enter the village to collect the crest and a small part in the Castle. The first thing we enter at the village, we have been wondering what the purpose is of that Goat statue placed on an altar. This Goat was prepared as a sign of worship and devotion toward Mother Miranda which is irrelevant to you. There is a total of 20 Goat Warding whose locations are mentioned in this post.

All Goat Locations Collectible Walkthrough At Resident Evil Village

  1. Graveyard: Placed in an altar which is hard to miss.
  2. Church: On top of the church’s roof opposite side of the bell.
  3. Fallow Plot: After obtaining the Screwdriver and the final Crest, you will walk out of the mansion area. On the path, you will find it is blocked by a broken carriage. Turn right and walk towards the step to reach the edge of the wall and at the top of it would be the Goat you are searching for.
  4. Vineyard: On your way towards Castle Dimistrescu, you will have to walk past few scarecrows. On the left side of the scarecrow i.e. placed inside at the edge of the rocks at eye level.
  5. Distillery: Once you solve the statue puzzle and drain out the wine blood, you will descend down with the help of the ladder. Once you touch the ground, the goat will be surrounded by candles.
  6. Attic: Once you climb up to the attic, it will be near the ladder which is hard to miss.
  7. Lone Road: Once you reach the bridge where the drawbridge can be lowered, opposite to the mechanism walk under the bridge where the sixth goat will be placed.
  8. Church: Once you have obtained the Iron Key to open the gate where Poultry was marked, there would be grave-like structures. On the right side at the edge of the small graveyard, you will find another Goat to destroy.
  9. West Old Town: The Maestro Treasure is placed inside the Luthier’s apartment. Opposite to it would be a small shed beside the house near the wall where the goat will be placed.
  10. Potter’s Field: On the way towards Beneviento’s House, you will notice a long bridge which you need to cross. On the left side of the bridge, you can notice another Goat warding is placed that is waiting to be destroyed.
  11. House Beneviento: Once you reach the entrance of the house, before entering you will have to go left towards an open area where you will find the goat placed on the ground outside the fence.
  12. Windmill Turntable: After talking to the Duke or getting out of the Control Panel room, you will have to climb up a Windmill. At the top towards the end where logs are placed, the Goat will be on the ground.
  13. Reservoir: When Moreau turns into a leviathan or monster fish, he will destroy and swim around the water. Once you reach the location as shown in the image below, you will find a tilted windmill at far. Following the exit or bamboo path, you will notice a small object is placed on top of the bamboo log which can be easily missed.
  14. Boathouse: Once the water is drained at Reservoir, from where you have used the key to ride the motorboat. The treasure which we once saw will be at the end of the path and the goat will be placed at the left side of the entrance opposite the treasure.
  15. Otto’s Mill: While undergoing Treasure Hunt, you will find a river that is needed to be crossed to enter the Mill. Under that mill following the river, you will find a small altar where the Goat will be placed.
  16. Tower: While going towards Heisenberg, you will climb down the stairs of the tower. It will be placed on the opposite side of the entrance at the edge which is not missable.
  17. Grinder Shaft: Once you have climbed up the ladder, there would be another platform visible up where the Goat will be placed. Instead of using your bullet, you can knife it later on.
  18. Heisenberg’s Factory: Near the save point and Duke, there would be an elevator that can be used to reach B1. On the way up, you can miss the goat which will be placed on one of the railings in the middle of the B3 and B1 floor.
  19. Cargo Bay: Before entering the Cargo Bay, you can crouch down and pass the tunnel to reach a room where the goat will be placed on a drum.
  20. Final Goat: After the cutscene, while playing as Chris, you will have to climb up the stairs at the beginning. Instead of going up, turn back and notice that there would be a statue in the midst of small tree branches. At the foot of the statue would be the final Goat placed.

Once you have destroyed all the Goat Wardings, you will obtain a Trophy “Heretic” in Resident Evil Village. For more guides on Resident Evil Village, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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