Destiny 2 Aspect Of Interference How To Destroy All The Shards Guide

Destiny 2Destiny 2 is free to play online first-person shooter multiplayer game developed by Bungie Inc. Aspect Of Interference is a quest given by Exo Stranger on the Europa world. You need to complete a few of his other quests before he will offer you this one. To complete the Aspect Of Interference quest the most important item is the “Salvation Grip”  the grenade launcher that you will obtain after completing the Statis prototype quest.

Destiny 2 How To Get The Stasis Aspect

Once you have accepted the quest from the Exo Stranger, head over to the Kell’s Rising. There you will see the marker showing you the waypoints. Follow the marker till you reach the floating shards. You have to then equip your Salvation Grip and destroy these shards. You need to destroy all 6 shards by finding them. The location of the final shard can be found in the image below.

After destroying all the shards, you need to defeat a group of enemies and then the final boss Wyvern. After defeating them your mission will be completed but to get the stasis aspect upgrade for your class, you need to complete the heroic simulation. You can find the simulation in the Europa world beside Bray Exoscience. Complete the simulation and visit Zigurat near Exo Stranger to get your stasis aspect.

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