Resident Evil Village- Necklace With Two Holes Gem Location

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village a valuable/combinable treasure i.e. Necklace with two holes initially has a very low value. While checking, it has two holes for the gem as per the name which can be placed in any corner of the map. The necklace was found inside the well near the church if those of you are wondering where it was available. After using the Well Wheel, you will get the Necklace. The necklace full set can be sold to the Duke for 50000 Lei which can be used to upgrade most of the weapon. In this post, we will pinpoint the location from where you can find and which key items are needed to unlock the area.

Necklace With Two Holes Gem Location In Resident Evil Village

To access the area, you will need to defeat the third boss Moreau first in order to obtain the crank. The first gem i.e. “Pigeon Blood Ruby” is placed at the beginning of the map where we had to survive the attack from Lycans or where we fought the werewolf next time at East Old Town. Open the map and chickens will be marked on the map. To open the gate, you will need to use Crank and climb up the ladder to drop on the roof ahead where the small Treasure box would be there as your reward.

The second gem is fairly located on the way towards Riverbank Treasure House. Once you have operated the boat in order to reach the gate. Lower down the bridge in order to access the area where the save point is fairly located. Besides that house, you can use the Well wheel to pull up the ladder. Once the ladder has been pulled up, enter the well to activate the panel. Move all the way to the end to drop down from the hole to collect the “Large Pigeon Blood Ruby” and enjoy the 50k Lei after combining them.

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