Resident Evil Village- Luiza Heirloom Treasure Necklace Use

Resident Evil Village

In Resident Evil Village, you will return to the village after defeating Castle Dimistriscu. Once you obtain the Key from an altar and before unlocking the gate at Lone Road, there is a Treasure Box whose key is missing. At an early stage, you will be able to obtain Luiza Heirloom Treasure which is Luiza Necklace. After collecting Luiza’s necklace it will stay on Key Items and in this post, we will explain how important and what’s it work and worth.

Luiza Heirloom Treasure Necklace Use In Resident Evil Village

The Treasure Box at Luiza’s House contains Luiza Heirloom which was a necklace. Examine that necklace from which you will get a Necklace Stone that can be sold. Examine again to collect Luiza’s Key which will open a Treasure Box that we have already found or encountered while coming to the village.

The Duke is posted at Altar, so the shop can be easily accessed. Open the Treasure Box to collect “Cesare’s Goblet” which was worth 19000 Lei. Such more treasures are located all around the map and for which some require few more Key Items to be accessed. Play through the main story and go on searching for Rose and eliminating every thorn that blocks your way.

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