Resident Evil Village- Rooftop Items And Where It Is Located

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village all the specifics are mentioned on the map even the area that has been completely explored or not. This is much helpful as players can get a vague idea of where and which area is needed to be explored for items and valuables. Specific locks on the door or drawer are mentioned in the map as to which key is needed to unlock or where lockpick is needed to open. Similarly, Castle Dimistrescu is one big mystery castle where items/valuables are hidden in plain sight which we sometimes ignore when we are focused on running or eliminating the enemies. In this post, we have mentioned all the items that are needed to be picked in order to clear the Rooftop.

Rooftop Items And Where It Is LocatedĀ In Resident Evil Village

Once you enter any area, check the map and it will either show Red or Blue. Red means that there are few items that are located in the area which can be picked. Blue means that the area has been explored and no items are present. At Rooftop of the Castle Dimistrescu, before entering the lift area, you can go left side of the extension to find the first vase. There would be another 2 vases more near the lift i.e. One behind and the second one outside ahead.

Resident Evil VillageThere would be many winged enemies who will attack when they see a glimpse of you. After killing all of them and advancing, you will reach a roof where you have to ascend. When you hit a diversion, you will find the gunpowder on the right as shown in the image above near the window. The next item would be on the left of the diversion as shown in the image.

Resident Evil VillageAfter collecting these all, the Rooftop area will be cleared. For more guides on Resident Evil Village, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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