Resident Evil Village- Crystal Torso Drop And Its Value

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village, the first main obstacle in the search for Rose would be Lady Dimistrescu and her three daughters as well as some undead. Before fighting Lady Dimistrescu, you will need to defeat her three daughters which will make her mad. She will wander around her castle and follow you whenever she finds you. Juke her as no damage will be dealt until you complete all the Angel Masks and collect a special dagger. In this post, we will focus on her three daughters and the Crystal Torso which is dropped down when all three of them are defeated.

Crystal Torso Drop And Its Value In Resident Evil Village

The first daughter was a kinda tutorial on how to defeat these bug-ridden ladies. She will drop a Crystal Torso which was similar to a Crystalized Skull which the enemies drop. It is an independent item and cannot be combined with anything. A single Crystal Torso can be sold to Duke for 5000 Lei each.

The best treasure you can get will be the Azure Eye in the dungeon which alone is not valuable but combine with a silver ring will fetch you a high amount of Lei as well as Crystal Dimitrescu. There are many valuable items at a later stage which is quite fun to find and unlock as we roam back and forth to all different boss lairs. Eventually, all the places in the village will be unlocked along with all 4 Norshteyn’s Labyrinth rewards.

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