Resident Evil Village- Riverbank Treasure House In Castle Dimistrescu

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village there are multiple treasures and among those Riverbank Treasure House is located near the Castle where we have escaped after defeating the infamous Lady Dimistrescu. There are Treasures all in the possessions of Bosses. After defeating them you can focus on searching for the treasure which has a higher value that can be sold to a shopkeeper. In this post, we have explained how to reach Riverbank Treasure House and solve the puzzle in order to gain access.

Riverbank Treasure House In Castle Dimistrescu At Resident Evil Village

Once you have defeated Moreau, you will obtain the crank which is used to operate the mechanism similar to at found in Drawbridge. Drawbridge is located in between Ceremony Site and Altar. After using the crank, operate the boat which will be available near the water bank, and advance forward towards Castle.

Once you have reached the castle through water, draw the bridge down in order to gain access. Enter the castle where a similar puzzle needs to be solved i.e. to light up the lantern. Once the lantern is lit, the barricade will drop down except the room where the Treasure has been kept. Infinitely an enemy will spawn who will drop nothing when killed, so do not waste any ammunition on him rather let him advance to the room where you have just lit the fire.

Resident Evil Village

You will notice that the enemy will catch fire and let him follow you to another room where a lamp needs to be lit. This will open the final door and you can obtain the “Riverbank Treasure” i.e. Golden Lady Statue as shown in the image above whose value is estimated at 20,000 Lei. Make sure you go back all the way to another end via Boat in order to gain access to secret armory. For more guides on Resident Evil Village, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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