Resident Evil Village- Doll Puzzle, Workshop Code, Key, And Medallion

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village, defeating Lady Dimitrescu and obtaining a Flask containing Rose’s part was the beginning and end for the enemies as the next target was Donna Beneviento who has another flask. Once you enter the ominous house on the hill, there will be dolls in every corner of the room. Eventually, you will find Angie sitting on a chair in the Doll Workshop with the flask. The game between Ethan and Angie begins where no guns will be involved.

Doll Puzzle, Workshop Code, Key, And Medallion Locations In Resident Evil Village

Once you pick up the flask from the doll (Angie), all your weapons and ammunition will be stolen and you will be left in a closed room with 3 Doorways locked and a doll resembling Mia on the table. To gather clues you will need to Examine the doll in all key points mentioned below:

  • Right Shoulder- Silver Key to open the Medicine Room.
  • Right Arm- Check the pattern or sign to enter that on the door.
  • Left Eye- Check the pattern or sign in order to enter that on the door.
  • Left Leg- Winding Key to operate music box.
  • Left Arm- To remove the blood-covered ring.
  • Mouth- To obtain film clips.

To unlock the door that needs code, you will need to obtain the blood-covered ring and wash it in Medicine Room at the basin. Once washed, you can examine that which will reveal the code i.e. 052911.

Once the door is open, play the music box after arranging the cylinders by following the cut marks on it. Arranging them correctly will provide you with Tweezers. Using Tweezers pull out the Film from the doll’s mouth and enter the Film Projector room next to the elevator. Arrange the films after reading the note i.e.

  1. Teddy
  2. Book
  3. Rose
  4. Music Box
  5. Ring

After obtaining the scissors, cut the bandage to reveal the medallion which was missing on the door to enter a dark room similar to as the film was shown on the projector. The game of tag will begin after a while. For more guides on Resident Evil Village, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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