Resident Evil Village- Benevento Treasure Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village we get a glance of Benevento Treasure at the beginning when we enter the house in the hill or lair of Second Boss Donna Beneviento. The tombstone was missing a piece that we have examined already before but we didn’t know where it could be found. The missing tombstone piece was lying on the cemetery site at the village which was locked behind bars. In this post, we have mentioned what you need to do in order to collect the Benevento Treasure.

Benevento Treasure Puzzle Solution At Resident Evil Village

To solve the Benevento Treasure puzzle all we need to do is collect the slab of tombstone after defeating Donna Beneviento. Once you are out of the house and strolling back, a new type of enemy will spawn which you will encounter. After defeating them, move back to the village Cemetary site. The same type of enemies will be resurrected from the ground, one will break through the barrier where the tombstone is placed inside.

Collect the missing slab and make sure you save and purchase the ammunitions because this time you will not get this treasure for free. A big hammered guy will swing and jump around like a maniac. To defeat him make sure you have enough explosives and sniper ammo to deal maximum damage from one shot.

Resident Evil VillageAfter defeating the giant, you can fix the slab to open up the tombstone in order to collect the Treasure i.e. “Berengario’s Chalice”. It is worth 18,000 Lei which is a pretty good sum but the Giant Crystal Axe which was dropped after defeating the giant was the real treasure whose value is 30,000 Lei. For more guides on Resident Evil Village click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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