Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Assassinate Opponents And The State

hood outlaws and legendsHood Outlaws And Legends is a medieval stealth multiplayer game developed by Sumo Digital. Assassination is one of the key attacks you need to look out for in this game. Killing an enemy through assassination saves time, outnumber the enemy easily, and doesn’t even reveal your location on the map. You can also counter assassinate an enemy who is using assassination on your teammate.

Hood Outlaws & Legends Assassination Guide

You can use the bushes to your advantage to take cover in them and wait for your opponent. Do not try to aim an arrow while crouching as it reveals your location. Once your opponent gets past your try to sneak behind or else you can quickly press the interact button while they are passing to perform the assassination quickly.

Marianne is the best character for assassination as her ultimate ability makes her invisible for a short duration of time. But she is not completely invisible if you are too close to the enemy, a faint invisible form of your body can be seen. Targeting the opponent brawler first will make the battle easier later as you can overpower them. Try to keep an eye on the mini-map and lookout if your teammates need help. It always easier to fight 2 vs 1 and you can easily assassinate opponents who are distracted by your teammates.

Note: All the characters have to crouch and go behind the enemy to assassinate them. Be it the state guard or the opponents. But Marianne is able to assassinate the state guard from any direction when she is hidden in the bush or taken cover in the smoke. You may save your teammate from enemy assassination by killing the enemy during the executing period.

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