Hood Outlaws And Legends All Characters Guide & Their Roles

hood outlaws and legendsHood Outlaws And Legends is a medieval stealth multiplayer game developed by Sumo Digital. There is a total of four characters as of now available to choose from. Each having its own weapons, attack type, ultimate ability, and gears. You will team up with 3 other players to form a strong team with perfect team composition.

Hood Outlaws & Legends All Characters Guide

John – He is the brawler of the team fighting in the frontline as well defending your other teammates. As he is quite skillful in melee combat and has immense strength, his trait “Resolute” allows him to lift portcullises gates. Lifting these iron gates creates a path for you as well as your team to cross an area without notifying the state. It also shortens the distance between your team and the objective.

His ultimate ability grants him enhanced vitals and granting him unlimited stamina for a short period of time. As John fights in the frontline and is always exposed to the enemy, you have to keep a lookout for enemy Robin(Archer).

Marianne – She is the assassin of your team hiding and lurking in the bushes waiting for her chance to kill enemies by surprise. Her trait allows her to assassinate the state guards from any direction when you are in cover or smoke. She can perform a melee attack and also has a crossbow that can shoot 3 arrows on fully charged.





Robin – He is a skillful archer who likes to remain at distance and kill his enemies. He also does melee attacks but those are not so helpful against other characters. The best way is to run away from them or lure them to your teammates. Robin doesn’t block attacks like John or Tooke rather evade them. You can then fully charge your arrow and hit a headshot while the enemy is recovering from the attack he missed. He can mark enemies for a longer period of time allowing your teammates to have full vision of the enemy.

His ultimate ability allows him to shoot an explosive arrow that deals and area damage. Enemy inside the damage radius will die instantly. The arrow also sticks to your enemy’s body, so you can shoot them after evading an attack. You should keep this ability for opponent John or Sheriff.

Tooke – He is a  melee fighter whose flail you need to aim for the heavy attack to strike hard. He is the sentinel of the team and is quite difficult to mastery. His ultimate will allow him to reveal nearby hidden enemies. Tooke uses poison gas gear to damage enemies and reduces their vision. You can also change his playstyle by upgrading the character rank and changing his poison gear to healing or buff gear.  His trait respire allows him to regenerate his stamina at a faster rate.



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