Resident Evil Village- Well Missing Part Location Or Where To Find It?

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village, Ethan is searching for her daughter whose whereabouts are unknown. There are many treasures and valuables hidden in the village which are needed to collect and sell to the shopkeeper for extra credits. At first, if we have played the demo or in a stage where you have to find 2 crests in order to open a door that will lead to House of Dimitrescu. Beside the Cemetry, or in the church a well would be visible whose single key part is missing. In this post, we have mentioned how and where you can obtain the missing part in order to collect the items or valuables located deep inside the wells.

Well Missing Part Location Or Where To Find It In Resident Evil Village

While entering the village it is useless to search for the well missing part as you will get another chance to explore again all the houses. When you open the map, the house will be highlighted in red if all the items including Gunpowder or ammunition as well as valuables are not collected which makes it easier to search and look at a small vicinity.

Resident Evil Village

After entering Castle Dimitrescu and surviving the Lady and her daughter’s assault, you will visit the village again in search of a person or a clue. Once you have collected all the key items to overcome the obstacle and make a path towards the house with a red chimney, you will face a bunch of enemies once you have crawled under the tractor. After defeating the armored Lycan, open the gate that requires Iron Insignia Key i.e. opposite to the gate which contains a note that “Locked due to missing home owner”. Use the Wheel key to collect all the contents hidden in the well.

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