Resident Evil Village- Survive The Attack And For How Long?

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil Village, there are various guns and treasures located in the village however at the beginning of your journey the main objective would be to survive the attack. Though the objective is clear but minimal ammunition and a large horde of lycans make it difficult even to dodge them. In this guide, we have mentioned what you will need to do in order to complete the objective quickly without spending all ammunition just to survive the attack.

Survive The Attack And For How Long At Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil VillageOnce you are near the cabin where the Shotgun is kept, you will notice that on top of the roof would be 2 lycans watching your movement. Without any prior notice, they will slowly creep on you, and once any of these lycan howls and alert others, the main objective would change to “Survive The Attack”. Without using much of your ammunition, you can delay the attack and scavenge all the items which are available throughout each house by putting up barricades and running through houses.

As you crawl under the house, you will find yourself surrounded. Use flour when they are in close proximity to blind the enemies and enter the house that has an explosive barrel in order to eliminate 2-3 of them in a single explosion. You will have to survive for 4-5 mins running around everywhere and once the time is up, the cutscene would be automatically initiated. Make sure that you Guard the attacks in order to minimize the impact of the damage and avoid using the healing serum frequently.

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