Resident Evil Village- Mask Of Pleasure Obtained But How To Escape?

Resident Evil VillageResident Evil Village provides you with a harsh environment and challenging enemies but most importantly it also involves short brain-teasing puzzles and checking your field of view and attention towards surrounding in order to collect valuable artifacts/treasures. Mask Of Pleasure is one of the 4 key items i.e. needed in Castle Dimitrescu to escape. In this post, we will discuss all the difficulties we have encountered and the answer you need to get out of the room.

Mask Of Pleasure Obtained But How To Escape In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil VillageAt this moment, you will be chased by Lady Dimitrescu and her Second Daughter. Running all the way to the room where Mask Of Pleasure is kept will give you some brief of relief, After obtaining the Mask Of Pleasure, you will notice that the door will be locked down. The only way is to crawl up to where you will encounter the Second Daughter of Lady Dimitrescu. After defeating her, you will need to collect the Mounted Animal Skull in the same room as shown in the image above.

Once you have collected the Mounted Animal Skull, you will need to examine and loosen up the screw in order to collect the Animal Skull. This item can now be installed where Mask Of Pleasure was placed which will automatically lift up the lockdown. Now, this room will be accessible in the future if you have missed few valuables.

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