Resident Evil Village- Azure Eye Value And Where To Combine

Resident Evil VillageAfter getting thrashed, dragged, and wounded in Resident Evil Village, ultimately Ethan will first enter the Castle of Dimitrescu. The room where a savepoint and the shopkeeper has set up his market is a safe zone. In this safe zone, you must have interacted with the letter which gives you the origin of Norshteyn’s Labyrinths ie. The Castle, The House on a Hill, The Water Hill, and The Iron Tower.

The Red crystalline skull which is locked and misses a spherical object to unlock is probably one of the Norshteyn’s deceased wife’s crystallized human remains. Similarly, an Azure eye is a treasure found back in the dungeon which we probably went to obtain because of the Treasure note we found in the attic. While examining the Azure eye it shows that it can be combined into something. In this post, we will focus on a valuable and how to combine it with its other part.

Azure Eye Value And Where To Combine In Resident Evil Village

Azure Eye is obtained after unlocking the Iron Insignia gate and solving the puzzle. To light up all the fire lanterns, you will need to use Pipe Bomb to demolish the crack wall from where light rays are coming out. Once you demolish the wall, pull out your gun and shoot it in such a manner that the lantern will hit the fire and lit itself up. The second lantern will be lit with the help of 1st lantern and you will be able to access the tomb that contains Azure Eye.

We have encountered the Daughters and must have defeated every single one of them. The Mask of Pleasure is obtained before we fight against the second Daughter. In the same room where you collect the Mask of Pleasure for the statue, you will find a Silver Ring kept in a drawer. Collect it and keep it safe until you have obtained Azure Eye in order to combine them and raise its value.

Separately the Silver Ring and Azure will sell at 1800 and 1200 Lei whereas collectively after combining them, it will sell at 12000 Lei. It is recommended to sell items if you have a complete set for it as you can see the change in value when both of the items were combined. For more guides on Resident Evil Village, click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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