Resident Evil Village- Five Bells In A Room To Ring Location

Resident Evil VillageIn Resident Evil 8 Village Chris has taken Ethan’s daughter Rose and killed his wife. Ethan survived and in search of her daughter, he found himself in a village and in a castle of Lady Dimitrescu. While exploring each room, you will eventually visit the Hall of Joy and its nearby room “Atelier”. In this room, you will need to ring 5 bells in order to open a passage and advance forward, however few of them are easy to find whereas some are hidden very well which will be tiring. In this guide, we have made it easier by mentioning all the locations of Bells in a chamber that you are searching.

Five Bells In A Room To Ring Location At Resident Evil Village

After defeating one of the Daughters, you will obtain Mask of Joy. Once you enter the Atelier is located just beside the Hall of Joy, the very first thing that will be on notice would be a Bell resting on a table and a Bell in a clockwork. Rest 3 Bells are located in a chamber in such a way that they can be visible from standing at a specific location. As shown in the image, you will have to climb the stair i.e. on the left side of the room from the entrance in order to reach the highest point.

Resident Evil Village

From there you can view 3 Bells i.e. First on top of the shelf, Second on top of the chandelier, and third outside of the room. The trickiest one was the last Bell which was located outside the chamber and it can be easily overlooked. Break the glass and ring the bell in order to open the path ahead to collect all 4 Masks for the statue.

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