Hood Outlaws & Legends how to steal key from Sheriff and dodge him?

hood outlaws and legendsHood Outlaws & Legends is a medieval stealth multiplayer game developed by Sumo Digital. In this game, the big bad boy is the Sheriff that you need to dodge at all costs. If you get caught by him, you are dead instantly no matter whichever character you are playing. But you need to face him once in the game as the key to the vault lies in his waist.

You don’t have to be an assassin or invisible to steal the key from the sheriff, all the characters can steal the key from the back by crouching. Marianne has a better chance to steal the key from the sheriff because of her ultimate ability.

To steal the key from the sheriff, you need to crouch or hide in the bush and wait for the sheriff to pass by you. Then you can easily go behind him and press the interact button to steal the key. Make sure no guards or sheriff has been alerted by you or your teammates, else you won’t be able to steal the key.

Once you steal the key, you need to find the location of the vault. There are 3-4 different maps in this game and each map has a specific location for the vault and sheriff. So by playing the same map a few times, you can easily remember the capture points, gears, sheriff, and vault locations.

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Dodge Sheriff?

There are three ways to dodge the sheriff either you outrun and hide from him. You can use your ultimate ability to down the sheriff for a temporary period of time. Or you can use your gears to distract the sheriff for a short period of time.

Use this short period of time to escape the range of the sheriff, steal keys from him or extract the gold from the chest to win the match. Luring the sheriff to the extraction point is a great way to distract opponents if they are on the verge of winning the match.

Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Increase Hideout Level?

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