Hood Outlaws & Legends Gear Locations & Why To Seize Capture Points?

hood outlaws and legendsHood Outlaws & Legends is a medieval stealth multiplayer game developed by Sumo Digital. The game is set in the medieval age where you fight off your enemies with a hammer, flail, bow, and arrows. Each character has different types of attack and there are 4 different characters out of which you can choose one.

Hood Outlaws & Legends Gear Guide

If you are going to pick a long-range character like Marianne or Robin who shoots arrows, you need to pick up the arrows after a kill. Or you need to find an ammo box to refill the arrows. There will be a limited number of arrows that these players can use.

Apart from this all character have a specific type of gear which are bombs. There are four types of bombs which are flash & stun, poison, smoke, and damage. Each character has a different type of gear such as Robin uses flash & stun, Tooke uses poison or a healing bomb after leveling up, Marianne uses smoke and John uses a damage bomb.

There is a very limited backpack capacity to carry these bombs. You can only use this gear once during battle and need to refill it again by going near a gearbox. These gearboxes can be found near a capture point.

Control Capture Points

Having control of the capture points in this game should be the most important objective. Once the gold chest has been set up for extraction, the first thing you need to do is locate the closest capture point and take control of it.

Once you have control of the capture point, the enemy will try to reclaim it to spawn near the extraction point, you can sneak behind them or ambush them with your team to kill them.

Having a capture point near the extraction have a huge advantage for the team as they can respawn closer to the extraction point and again help your teammates who are in the middle of battle.

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