Hood Outlaws & Legends How To Increase / Upgrade Hideout Level?

hood outlaws and legendsHood Outlaws & Legends is a medieval stealth multiplayer game developed by Sumo Digital. The main objective of the game is to steal gold or extract them. At the end of the heist donate to the needy people. The game is termed PvPvE as in you will play as a team of four trying to steal gold from the AI enemy, while the other team will try to do the same. The team which successfully loots and extracts the gold will be victorious.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Upgrade Hideout Level

You can only donate to the hideout only after completing a heist. Successful extraction of the heist will fetch you more gold while losing an extraction to the opponent will get you less.

You can increase the level of your hideout by donating more gold to the people after the game. Once the game ends, do not quickly get out of the match, wait for a few seconds and you will see a balance scale weighing your gold.

Half of your gold goes to your purse that you can use to buy weapon cosmetics later. These cosmetics are unlocked by upgrading the character level that increases after each match. The other half of your gold goes to your hideout and to increase its level. You can set the balance scale and change the amount of gold that goes to your purse and the people. If you choose to donate all your gold to the people, the hideout level will quickly increase granting your more character cosmetics.

There are two things you can unlock by upgrading the hideout. These are your character skin and weapon cosmetics. By playing matches, you will upgrade will character rank that will unlock certain perks. You will have three slots to equip your perks. Each character has its own unique perks that you can equip from your hideout before searching for a match.

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