Returnal- Reclaimer, Astronaut Figurine And Inert Reclaimer Functions

ReturnalIn Returnal the only way you can survive is to increase your suit Integrity, remove Malfunctions and collect Artifacts that enhance Selene survivability. Each Hostile provide Obolites when they are eliminated and a few of them drops Silphum and weapons. However, Reclaimer and Inert Reclaimer were introduced later when you enter the second Desert map. Both are unique and marked as a Device which can be viewed from Translocators. In this guide, we will focus everything on Reclaimer, Inert Reclaimer, and an artifact known as Astronaut Figurine.

Reclaimer, Astronaut Figurine, And Inert Reclaimer Functions In Returnal

Reclaimer is a tomb where you can rest in order to collect a random material with the expense of damaging the suit’s Integrity. As the outputs are unknown, and getting any random useful artifact such as Astraunaut Figurine was worth getting because this artifact will allow your character to spawn again as you have extra life with complete items you had before dying. Similarly, there are unknown Artifacts that have a similar benefit for Selene.

It is very useful when fighting against the bosses whereas Inert Reclaimer will recover your suit Integrity when you interact with it. The harmful substance for a suit is that malfunction due to excessive Malignant material interaction and the debuff from Parasites. For more guides on Returnal, click the following link that has been provided below the following description:

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