Stranded Deep Yucca , Fibrous Leaves & How To Obtain Them Easily

Stranded DeepStranded Deep is a survival game developed by Beam Team Games. While you are the lone survivor of a plane crash somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean. There are various things to do in this game crafting, building, and exploring. But to do all these things you need to survive on an unknown island, and the most basic resource you will need to survive is the Fibrous leaves. These leaves will be the most used item for you in this game, so you might need to gather as much as you can.

Stranded Deep How To Obtain Fibrous Leaves?

The easiest way to obtain Fibrous leaves is to go near the beach, find a tree, and sapling. The name of the tree is the Yucca tree and the sapling is called palm sapling. If you are having trouble finding these plants, you can check the image for reference.

To harvest these leaves, you need to have craft stone tools and then upgrade them to make axe. To craft stone tools, you need to pick up rocks. Once you have crafted the appropriate tool, go near the palm spring or yucca tree and use the tool on them to harvest. You need to hit the yucca leaves to obtain Fibrous leaves.

These leaves are used to make Lashing, can also be used to refill Water Still, and also can be used as fuel for Campfire.

Stranded Deep Yucca Leaves?

Yucca leaves are also known as Fibrous Leaves, which you get by harvesting the leaves of the yucca tree. These trees spawn every two days, but if you playing in hard mode, it will take 3 days to regrow. The easiest way to collect these leaves is by planting the yucca fruit in the soil and harvesting them when they grow up.

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