Returnal- Data Cube Mystery Resource And What To Do With It?

ReturnalIn Returnal the environment and habitat are very vast. The permanent suit augmentation is unlocked when you clear a dungeon or proceed ahead through a storyline. We have already completed the first gateway by defeating the first boss and now we are in the desert wandering defeating hostiles and advancing towards the “White Shadow” broadcast.

If you have not defeated the second boss then spoiler alert: The yellow glow on the edge of the cliff high and a golden floating orb which we tried and failed to interact in the first map is a spot for grappling which will be obtained after defeating the second boss.

Data Cube Mystery Resource And What To Do With It In Returnal?

Data Cube is a mysterious resource that allows you to unlock the item design for future cycles when deposited in a Datacube Processor. The name of the artifact will be mentioned in a Datacube for example- Unfed Pod Data Cube when deposited in a Datacube Processor will provide you with an Artifact called “Unfed Pod”.

Though these Datacubes are a gem of their own but you can only carry one at a time. So, when you find one of these Datacubes, it is recommended to teleport way back to the Data Processor and unlock an Artifact and enable the drops in future runs or cycles. Similarly, there are 18 such unknown Artifacts that can be unlocked via the given process scattered in the depth of every map. In a single run, you cannot collect all Datacubes and explore all the locations but after unlocking all the suit augmentation or upgrades it will become easier.

For more guides on Returnal click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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