Returnal- Repair Efficiency And How Malfunction Related To It is Risky


In Returnal your life stats are related to the suit integrity which will increase and improve your health bar. Once you die, the life stat will reset back to normal. Obolites are the common resources that you can obtain from eliminating the hostiles or from destroying the chunks situated randomly on the map. You can even purchase Silphum or Healing Kit through Fabricator Pods if it is available by purchasing via Obolites.

Repair Efficiency And How Malfunction Related To It is Risky In Returnal

Repair Efficiency is related to repairing your suit integrity or heal you with a base percentage of 100% whereas small Silphum will heal about a small percentage of base health and Large Silphum will heal up to a large percentage of your base health. If you have collected 3 Silphum Resin then it will allow your suit to increase the base health limit which is quite optimum and efficient as we know how tough they get every second you advance towards the location emitted through the “White Shadow” broadcast.

Doubling the Repair Efficiency for a limited time will allow you to heal and fight against a bunch of enemies recklessly if you are down Adrenaline. Sometimes your suit will malfunction and decrease your Repair Efficiency which will make your path more challenging. Collecting small or large Silphum will heal a low percentage of health depending on the negative buff obtained from malfunction or Parasite debuff. The only way to remove malfunction is to complete the task related to it or a Parasite that removes a malfunction from your suit.

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