Returnal- Red Door And How To Open And Expect What Is Behind It?


In Returnal when Helios malfunctioned and crashed in Atropis, Selene was already trapped in an eternal cycle where she is resurrected in Helios. The drawback of dying and getting resurrected is that you will lose all your Artifacts, resources, and weapons. Although your Databank entries and permanent equipment will remain intact. You can restart the run and explore by entering the automatic doors and eliminating the threats as well as collecting the resources. However, there are few doors that require a specific resource to open i.e. Red Doors.

Red Door And How To Open And Expect What Is Behind It In Returnal

When you encounter a Red Door, a Xeno-Tech gate is secured with a lock mechanism that can only be opened if you have already obtained an Atropian Key or Malignant Key. The number of Keys obtained will be visible to Selene on the right bottom screen beside the Map. There are 3 major resources i.e.:

  • Ether
  • Key
  • Obolite

Behind these Red Doors might contain a Fabricator Pod where Fabrication will be allowed or possible or even a new path to be explored. There are numerous Red Doors and each door holds valuables behind it which can be entered if you have a sufficient amount of Keys. These Red Doors once opened do not require another Key to open even after your resurrection. You should expect some type of action when you plan to interact and enter the red door. Apart from its red glowing branches, Chunk of Obelites or red force field barrier can be sliced with the help of the Xeno tech blade weapon.

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