Returnal Reconstructor How To Use & Save Game Using Ether


Returnal is a roguelike shooting game developed by Housemarque. The twist in this game is each time the main character Selene dies in the strange environment of the planet called Atropos, time seems to go back and she is stuck in a loop resolving to investigate the “White Shadow”.

While investigating different biomes of the planet to find the reason for the time loop and her crash, she comes across her childhood memories and her house. This house is related to the secret ending that we will write about in the next post. In this post, you will learn about how to save the game using the reconstructor, but that will work only once during your run.

Returnal Reconstructor

Reconstructors are old alien xeno-tech devices for accurate reconstruction of complex entities per environment. That means the machine will make a copy of Selena with all the gear, artifacts, and parasites. That means the next time you die in the same biome, you will start your next run from the reconstructor instead of the spaceship.

The reconstructor will not work once you have advanced to the next biome even if you have spent 6 ether to activate it. Your ether will go to waste, so make sure to use this machine only if you are having a good run with lots of resources and don’t want to lose them while fighting the main boss.

Returnal Ether

Ethers are the most important and valuable resources you will find in this game that have a lot of uses. Ether is used to unlock new items and artifacts. It can also be used to cleanse malignant items and chests. Use these to cleanse only if you have a lot of them or if your health is low.

Try to cleanse the items or weapons you are carrying as carrying malignant items will have a negative impact on your suit or your character stats will get a debuff.

There are various ways to collect Ether in the game and the easiest one is to explore each area of the map. Some other ways are to complete the helios terminal simulated scenarios, defeating the bosses which you have already defeated, and while exploring the biome you will come across a device called Obolite Repository where you can trade ether for Obolites.

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