Returnal- Adrenaline And How It Works And The Benefits


In Returnal where the environments and surroundings are deadly and the only way to end this nightmare is to locate and reach the “White Shadow” broadcast. The number of attempts is still unknown as Selene has lost count and to remind herself or any other survivors is the databack entry or logs left by her on the way. The efficient way to survive is to increase the weapon proficiency and sustain Level 5 Adrenaline for major benefits that allow you to gain bonus experience, resources and deal heavy damages.

Adrenaline And How It Works And The Benefits In Returnal

Once you encounter the hostiles and start obliterating them, you might notice that suddenly a pop-up will appear out of nowhere that your Adrenaline has reached Level 1, 2, and so on. It can be monitored as it is shown at the bottom of the screen below the pulse. The number indicates the level and below all the buffs are mentioned:


  • Level 1- Enhanced Overload
  • Level 2- Enhanced Vision
  • Level 3- Enhanced Melee Attack
  • Level 4- Proficiency Rate +50%
  • Level 5- Obolites +50%

Once you reach Level 1, the window of Overloading increases whereas at Level 2, you can scan at a large distance. At Level 3, your melee attack will deal high damage and at Level 4 the experience gained to increase the Weapon Proficiency i.e. required to obtain an upgraded weapon. At Level 5 the amount of Obolites is increased and maintaining Level 5 Adrenaline will prove to be much more useful and efficient to deal damage as well as collect resources.

For more guides on Returnal, click the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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