The Medium Dayroom Globle Missing Piece & All Music Sheet Location

The Medium is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team and is an Xbox exclusive. Once you reach the dayroom, you will get the bolt cutter on the ground where the floor is broken. Once you get the bolt cutter, you will be easily able to break locks and go find Richard.

While finding Richard, you will meet a small girl called Sadness. After the cutscene, you will enter a room where you will find spirits that talks about Richard, and on the front side, you will find the globe room. You need to fix the globe in the spirit world to be able to control the room that will allow you to explore more freely but to do so, you need to find a missing globe piece.

The Medium Missing Globe Piece Location

The missing globe piece is just in the opposite direction of the globe room that will be locked and can only be visiting by your spirit form. Enter the room and you will find the missing piece. Now go back to the globe room and interact with it to put the last missing piece. Now you need to fix it properly and make a face with eyes on top, nose in the middle, and mouth at the bottom.

If you move the eyes up the mouth comes down, while moving the mouth up the nose comes down and while moving the nose up the mouth comes down. Once you fix the globe face, you will now able to control the room by turning it and opening up new areas.

The Medium All Music Sheet Location

The first two parts of the music sheet will be easy to find. You can check the above image to get their exact location. To get the third part of the music sheet, you need to do the above steps and complete the globe face in the spirit world. After that rotate the room to open the pathway to the balcony.

Go through that route and you will find a piano and some spirits. There you will also find a teacher’s room key that you need to use in the same room where you found the missing globe piece. You need to take the regular Marianne and open up the door using the key. Inside the room, you will find the last music sheet.

The Medium Dayroom Walkthrough

Once you have found the missing globe piece and collected all the music sheets, now go back to the piano room and use the sheet. After playing the piano spirit well will be charged in the spirit world and you will be able to absorb the energy. Now go to the center of the dayroom, where on the right side you will find a swarm. You will be able to cross through the swarm as you will be protected by a ball of spiritual light.

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