Devour Game Guide For The New Horror Co-Op Multiplayer Game


Devour is similar to the game Pacify where you will have to find the object in a haunted mansion where the ghost wanders around and hunt when she is agitated. To defeat Anna in Devour, you will need to burn or sacrifice the Goat on an Altar. There are small tricks or tips which will help you complete the game in this complete guide.

Game Guide For The New Horror Co-Op Multiplayer Game Devour Burn Her Together

You can play solo or play multiplayer, however, playing multiplayer makes the game easier if you know what and how to complete the objective. Once you start the game, you will find multiple items i.e. Haystack, Fuel Canisters, etc all scattered throughout the map. Haystacks are used to feed the goat so you can capture them and sacrifice them on the Altar.

To light the Altar you will need to pour the Fuel Canister. Once you sacrifice all the 10 Goats that are trapped or wandering around in the Rooms or in the map, Ana will purge in the flame of the Altar and wait for you in an Afterlife. So, let’s start with how you want to play Devour with your friends. If you are caught in solo, you are dead whereas playing with friends allows you to be revived if they have Med-kits stocked.

What To Do With items?

Make sure that you stack all the items found in a specific spot where you can gain access easily such as near the Altar or anywhere outside the House. Anna will wander around in the house aimlessly where you can search for the goats and keys to unlock other rooms where items or goats are hidden. Once you sacrifice a goat, a Demon will be summoned which you can destroy or burn together with your UV light.

Once the goat has been sacrificed, Anna will get agitated and start hunting. You can slow and calm her down by flashing the UV light on her face, though make sure that there is enough distance between you and her. You can also hide inside the room and lock the door or bait your teammate who will be dragged away to gather essential items and goats to sacrifice. Make sure that you revive him/her later with the help of Med-kit as Anna gets stronger when the sacrificial counts get low.

During the early stage, you can outrun Anna easily as she is too slow but as the number of Goats that are sacrificed is increased, Ana’s hunting speed will increase and she will chase you and your team quite fast. It is better to sacrifice a bunch of Goats altogether at the near end i.e. multiple sacrificial of 2-3 goats at the same time to increase the chance of survival. Though the number of Goats sacrificed equals the number of Demons spawned. Burn them fast in order to purge Ana back to hell.

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